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July 18 – Net Neutrality FCC Deadline For Comments Extended

Net Neutrality is “actually hugely important.“ Email your comments to the FCC today!


The deadline for the first round of comments to the FCC on the subject of Net Neutrality is Tuesday, July 15.

According to John Oliver, the only two words that promise more boredom in the English language are “featuring Sting.” He went on to explain that Net Neutrality is “actually hugely important.

This short video explains why. To paraphrase Colombia Law Professor Tim Wu:

Imagine an electrical network that wasn’t neutral. You’d buy a new toaster, you’d come home, plug it in and discover that because the grid owner had made a deal with the other toaster manufacturers, your new toaster wouldn’t work.

If you believe in a land of opportunity, then you believe in the open internet. Most Democrats believe that broadband networks should be treated as a utility, a common carrier, and the FCC should simply reclassify them as such.

Some argue that reclassification introduces an unnecessary burden of regulation on…

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Author: John Loughlin

Technology Prognosticator

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