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Meet Our New Democratic Club President — Stephen Groce

Stephen “Steph” Groce, Clairemont Democratic Club President

Hi Clairemont Democrats,

It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the turning of the year into 2017, but here we are at the start of 2018! 2017 felt like the longest year that any of us have ever experienced, and 2018 is shaping up to feel the same.

However, building on the energy and excitement of our club’s participation and successes in 2017 led by Dr. Jen Campbell as our club President, I take the helm and our newly elected Board will have large shoes to fill! I am confident that our 2018 Board is up for the challenge of continuing our club’s soaring success!

This is such an exciting year for all of us as we make history with an experienced Executive Board, a powerhouse of seasoned politically focused members working together for the greater good of our ever-growing Democratic club.

We have started 2018 on a high note by hosting our first meeting of the year earlier this month. The Labor 101 presentation, which discussed the history of Unions and our very own San Diego Union efforts in combating support of the Executive branch of the government, was attended by several members and guests at Elijah’s Restaurant.

New Democratic Club Presidents & Central Committee members being sworn-in

In 2018, our Board is focused on providing our members with new learning opportunities that apply to our #BlueWave2018 movement and common focus of maintaining a free, fair, open, safe, and inclusive environment for our Democrat peers, our neighbors, and our communities. We are hopeful that these learning opportunities will keep our members and guests ahead of the curve for the ever-changing environment.

This year we aim to increase membership participation by hosting unique events, collaborative meetings, morning coffee events, participation in after work mixers hosted by other Dem clubs or community organizations. We are in the midst of a storm and the weather does not appear to be clearing until later this year in November, however the storm will pass and our club will remain at the wheel of change and support.

I believe in flying the flag of #TwoToneBlue because we have Dems who are focused on the Environment, Dems who are LGBTQ and fight for equality, Dems who are entrenched in Labor, Dems who focus on Immigration and Race equity, Dems who own their own businesses to be able to provide for their family, Dems who are moderate or centrist and believe that it will take all parties to find balance, Dems who are young, seniors, professionals, progressives or are focused on animals. At the end of the day, they are all Democrats and believe in being Blue regardless of their focus. #TwoToneBlue

If you have suggestions or ideas about meeting topics or event types that you’d like us to host, please email them to me or visit our Facebook page. It is our shared responsibility to ensure that people are informed, educated, and not mystified by stage craft, economic bribery or the feeling of helplessness. We have so many exciting things in store for our Clairemont Democratic Club members. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you at one (but hopefully all) of our meetings and events.

Hold Fast! It will be a wild ride,


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