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GoFundMe: Suzie and Mike

Suzie Ditmars with Gavin Newsom

Suzie Ditmars with Gavin Newsom

Some very unfortunate news this week.

Suzie Ditmars and Mike Thomason, longtime local Democratic activists and supporters, have been devastated by a condo fire that has left them with almost nothing.

San Diego Democrats for Equality have stepped up and started a GoFundMe page to raise funds to help them.

Please consider donating what you can. Anything helps. Never pleasant to see unfortunate things happen to incredible people like Suzie and Mike.

If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Stern at the San Diego County Democratic Party office at

From the GoFundMe page:

Mike Thomason and Suzie Ditmar have been two of the most stalwart parts of Democrats for Equality, and the Democratic family in general. They’re always there, offering a helping hand and making sure we get the job done.
It’s time to offer a helping hand to get the job done for them now.
You may have heard that Suzie and Mike suffered the complete lost of their home to a fire over the weekend. They are busy trying to put their life back together so they have not been able to provide us with a list of their current needs but we know they are safe and alright.
While we don’t know their specific needs, we know that most of those needs (clothes, temporary housing, etc.) can be helped with money so, we’re asking you to help out with a donation to this appeal.
Please donate to help Mike and Suzie out right now and send out this appeal to other Democratic Party family members for whom they have worked so hard over the years.


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