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June 7, 2016 Primary Election Info!

ballot-voting-endorseBefore you fill-out your ballots, check out our club’s June 7, 2016 Primary Election endorsements.

For a comprehensive list of other recommendations for other offices and propositions, here’s a link to the San Diego County Democratic Party’s Voter Guide.

If you are an absentee ballot voter, be sure to mail back your ballot early, or drop it off at the county Registrar of Voters office (5600 Overland Ave, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92123).

The earlier you vote, the earlier you will be taken off the contact lists of campaigns — this means less phone calls and canvassers to deal with as the election gets closer!

For more election information about the June Presidential Primary, check out the Registrar of Voters website:


2016 Endorsement Update


Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins speaks with club members

After tonight’s meeting, our club has endorsed the following candidates for the 2016 election cycle:

U.S. President: Hillary Clinton

State Senate, District 39: Toni Atkins

Secretary Clinton and Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins join our fellow endorsed candidates: Scott Peters and Todd Gloria

Although we were unable to come to a consensus to endorse in the race for San Diego City Attorney, we decided to rate both Gil Cabrera and Rafael Castellanos as “acceptable” for Clairemont Democrats this election. No matter which candidate prevails in that race, we know both of these candidates would be stellar choices.

Club Endorsements: August 2015

Hey, Clairemont Democrats!

At our August 11 meeting, the club unanimously endorsed Todd Gloria and Scott Peters for their upcoming elections in 2016.

Councilmember Todd Gloria is running for State Assembly

Councilmember Todd Gloria is running for State Assembly

Todd Gloria is a Clairemont native who is running for State Assembly in the 78th Assembly District to replace termed-out Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins. Todd’s exemplary record as a member of the San Diego City Council and as interim Mayor, coupled with his stellar passion for infrastructure, affordable housing, and homelessness will serve him well as an advocate for our city, region, and California.

Visit Todd Gloria’s campaign site to find out more information:

scott peters

Congressman Scott Peters is running for re-election in 2016

Congressman Scott Peters has fought for our district, but has had several close elections against Tea Party extermists — beating Brian Bilbray in 2012, and winning re-election against Carl DeMaio in 2014. His professionalism, exemplary congressional staff, and winning record on the environment, women’s health, and veterans issues have proven formidable in the swing 52nd Congressional District. Scott is America’s Finest Congressman, and we’re proud to support his re-election!

Visit Scott Peters’s campaign site to find out more information:

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